As a flammable construction material, wood can obviously be a threat in the case of fire.
In spite of their flammability, resistance to fire of wood structures is generally good enough. When an upgrade is needed and the natural aspect of wood should be preserved, there is probably no other solution than an intumescent coating.
Even more importanly, wood can contribute to the spread of fire by spreading flame on its surface. Therefore control of the spread of flame becomes essential.
CHAR 17, intumescent clearcoat, and CHAR 21, white intumescent paint, are used to improve reaction to fire performance of wood and other flammable substrates up to EuroClass B-s1, d0.


CHAR 21 waterborne intumescent paint for fire protection of steel structures, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, masonry and concrete partitioning walls, wood surfaces and in other application fields.

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CHAR 17 waterborne intumescent clearcoat provides fire protection to wood and other flammable substrates, while preserving their natural appearance. Classified B-s1, d0 for reaction to fire.

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CHAR 17 FINISH is the specific solventborne sealing topcoat for moisture protection of CHAR 17.

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