Primers & Topcoats

An intumescent system generally includes a primer, intended to improve adhesion to substrate and in the case of steel substrates to provide protection from corrosion.
In a number of cases, a topcoat is also needed to improve durability providing protection from moisture and the environment, or specified for easthetic purposes and giving a colour.
According to European standards (ETAG 018, EN 16623) these primers and topcoats should be evaluated for their compatibility in the performance of the whole system.
Our product portofolio includes suitable primers and topcoats that have been tested and approved in combination with our intumescent coatings.

related products


PRIMER 036 is a quick drying, one-pack phenolic alkyd primer for the most common exposure conditions of an intumescent system.

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EPOSOL 100 is a 2-pack anticorrosive epoxy primer to be used as an undercoat for intumescent systems in aggressive environments.

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PURETHAN is a two-pack polyurethane topcoat for intumescent coatigs. Approved for CHAR 21 and CHAR 22.

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IDROSOL is a waterborne topcoat optimized and tested with our CHAR 21 and CHAR 22 intumescent coatings.

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PRIMER 3500 is a waterborne primer for deep substrate impregnation of concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry and all porous mineral substrates.

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CHAR 17 FINISH is the specific solventborne sealing topcoat for moisture protection of CHAR 17.

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