Intumescent coatings

Intumescent coatings, also named reactive coatings, are an excellent solution to fire protection needs.
Based on the principle of intumescence, our IRIS CHAR intumescent coatings swell up in the presence of fire forming a very effective thermal insulating protective barrier. This functionality is used to reduce heat flux to structural elements and fire barriers and to protect flammable substrates from fire.
With high performance in the event of fire, intumescent coatings extend time to structure collapse, ensure safe escape and fire brigade operations, thus saving lives and property.

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CHAR 21 waterborne intumescent paint for fire protection of steel structures, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, masonry and concrete partitioning walls, wood surfaces and in other application fields.

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CHAR 21Plus

CHAR 21Plus for fire protection of steel structures provides structural resistance to fire up to 90 minutes, with the most recent standard EN 13381-8 and CE mark.

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CHAR 22 for fire protection of steel structures providing structural resistance to fire up to 2 hours. Solventborne formulation provides fast drying and durability in difficult environmental conditions with low temperature and high humidity.

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CHAR 17 waterborne intumescent clearcoat provides fire protection to wood and other flammable substrates, while preserving their natural appearance. Classified B-s1, d0 for reaction to fire.

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Waterborne intumescent coating for exterior exposure.
Specially designed for cable conduits for telecommunication.

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CHAR 27 two-component epoxy intumescent coating.
Fire protection of steel and aluminium structures in severe fire conditions and harsh environment.

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