Flame retardants

Once started, a fire will grow faster and faster till reaching flashover. At that stage the whole room or building will be engulfed in fire and out of control.
In the early stages of a fire flame retardancy, obtained in our case by coating the flammable substrate with a coating layer, can make the attack of flame more difficult and reduce the ability of materials to catch fire. In a second stage when fire is propagated by radiation, the same coatings will help reduce the spread of flame speed.

Intumescent coatings, like our CHAR 17 or CHAR 21 are excellent materials for this purpose and the most effective, however in the presence of high moisture or wet scrub on floors their weathering resistance is not enough. In this case we suggest flame retardant coatings that are not intumescent but can contribute a better reaction to fire. Our CHAR 18 is the perfect solution for wood floorings.

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CHAR 21 waterborne intumescent paint for fire protection of steel structures, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, masonry and concrete partitioning walls, wood surfaces and in other application fields.

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CHAR 17 waterborne intumescent clearcoat provides fire protection to wood and other flammable substrates, while preserving their natural appearance. Classified B-s1, d0 for reaction to fire.

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CHAR 18 polyurethane flame retardant clearcoat provides durable fire protection to wood floorings, while preserving their natural appearance. Classified Bfl-s1 for reaction to fire.

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