Intumescent sealants

Intumescent selants and firestops, are an excellent solution to fire protection needs.
Based on the principle of intumescence, intumescent sealants and firestops swell up in the presence of fire forming a char that acts as a sealing foam for gaps and a thermal insulating protective barrier. This functionality is used to seal gaps in service penetrations and fire compartment barriers and to choke flexible pipes to stop the passage of fire and smoke.

Our IRISeal intumescent sealants, together with the firestops of the full PIROSYSTEM range, including intumescent sealants, collars and intumescent wraps, offer a complete range of solutions for any service penetration fire protection need.

With high performance in the event of fire, intumescent sealants and firestops extend time to spread of the fire, ensure safe escape and fire brigade operations, thus saving lives and property.

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The complete PIROSYSTEM range includes intumescent sealants, collars and wraps for any service penetration fire protection need. See the full catalogue

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IRISeal PG1 is a waterborne intumescent sealant, for indoor fireproofing of joints and service penetrations.

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IRISeal PG2 is a waterborne moisture resistant intumescent sealant, for indoor and outdoor fireproofing of service penetrations.

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