A lesson on intumescent coatings

(courtesy Politecnico di Torino)

This lesson was given at Politecnico di Torino during the Procoat/Aitiva short course on coatings.
It briefly gives an overview of the chemistry and technology behind reactive coatings, as well as their use and application.
(in italian)

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On the road again

IRIS Coatings joined Big5 Construct Egypt together with Fire Trap Chemicals ....

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IRIS Coatings convention 2020

The second convention of the Italian commercial organization of IRIS Coatings ....

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IRIS Coatings at Safety Expo 2019

Great interest in the IRIS Coatings stand, as we joined for the first time Safety Expo

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Fire Trap leader in Egypt

Our distributor for Egypt and middle east, Fire Trap Chemicals Co., make us proud as they confirm to be a leader .....

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IRIS Coatings convention 2019

The sales team of IRIS Coatings gathered together on 15 March in Florence for the italian sales force meeting .....

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Intumescent coatings application

EAPFP has published best practice guidelines for application of intumescent coatings, all that building owners, applicators and manufacturers need to know .....

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Reactive coatings

Intumescent coatings and sealants swell up in the presence of fire forming an expanded char that is a very effective thermal insulating protective barrier ......

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Structural steelwork fire protection

Structural resistance to fire plays a key role in fire safety. In commercial and industrial facilities, hotels, airports, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, cinemas, intumescent coatings .....

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Concrete construction fire protection

Resistance to fire of reinforced concrete structures is often not enough and can be upgraded with the use of intumescent coatings.....

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Fire compartment walls

Fire resistance of compartment walls is crucial to fire control and people safety and can be improved with intumescent coatingsService penetrations in walls .....

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