Quality, research and development

IRIS COATINGS is committed to a constant activity of Research and Development of new products and optimization of consolidated ones, with a particular care for environmentally safer products. Waterborne high performance coatings with extremely low VOC or completely halogen-free fireproofing products are the best examples of our green commitment.

IRIS COATINGS performs experimental and testing activity both in its own laboratories and in collaboration with prominent research institutions and Universities. Our fireproofing products have been tested and assessed by: APPLUS, PAVUS, ITB, TSUS, CSI, KIWA, AFITI, EMI, TECNALIA, GTC, LAPI, HBRC.

For the same reason IRIS COATINGS actively participates in collective and cofunded research programs, to set the foundation for future development of products that will always be on the leading edge. The latest projects include, in FP7: HEFEST, ENFIRO, POLYFIRE.

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Quality management system

IRIS COATINGS runs a Quality Management System compliant with ISO standards since 1997 and manufactures under FPC compliant with European standards under surveillance of Authorized Bodies.

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IRIS Coatings is proudly Member of the European Association for Passive Fire Protection .....

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