IRIS COATINGS is a specialized producer of functional coatings. Our specialties, developed by our own R&D, serve the building construction, train and shipbuilding industries since five decades.
Since 20 years we have specialized in intumescent coatings, also called reactive coatings, for fireproofing and fire protection.

For these products, IRIS COATINGS was one of the first companies in Europe to obtain certification of fireproofing coatings according to EN standards and since then, we have been committed to become a specialist in fire protection.

Our history however starts a long way earlier.......

1967 - IRIS S.n.c.
chromate primers, synthetic alkyd topcoats, emulsion wall paints. The innovative technology in the ‘60s

1991 - IRIS acquires ROMANO VERNICI
a coatings business first established in 1922

1994 - IRIS Vernici and partners start up SIX Italia
now a leading supplier of fire protection and acoustical materials to the train and shipbuilding industries

2001 - the first European certificate
for an intumescent paint for fire protection of structural steel is issued to IRIS Vernici

acquires IRIS Vernici to specialize completely in reactive and intumescent coatings


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Quality, research and development

IRIS COATINGS is committed to a constant R&D activity, with a particular care for environmentally safer coatings.

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Quality management system

IRIS COATINGS runs a ISO 9001 Quality Management System and manufactures under FPC compliant with European standards .....

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Environmental care

IRIS COATINGS pays special attention to the environment and runs a ISO 14001  Environmental Management System .....

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Green building

Our committment to sustainable building lead us to developing and certifying products with proven environmental performance ...

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IRIS COATINGS is proudly Member of the European Association for Passive Fire Protection .....

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