Service penetrations

Compartmentation is one of the most important concepts in fire safety. Compartment separations control the growth of fire, avoiding fire to expand to the next compartment and to the whole building.
In any compartment wall or ceiling there are openings used for passage of cables and pipes (service penetrations) or gaps between different construction elements. It is essential that resistance to fire is provided to these gaps to avoid fire and smoke to spread across the barrier.
IRISeal firestop sealants, certified according to European standards, are used for fireproofing of joints in solid compartment walls, fireproof sealing of service penetrations, e.g. electrical or communication cables and pipes through separating walls and fireproof sealing of gaps in firewalls.

IRIS Coatings is exclusive distributor of PIROSYSTEM, a full range of firestops including sealants, collars and intumescent wraps for any service penetration need.


The complete PIROSYSTEM range includes intumescent sealants, collars and wraps for any service penetration fire protection need. See the full catalogue

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IRISeal PG1 is a waterborne intumescent sealant, for indoor fireproofing of joints and service penetrations.

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IRISeal PG2 is a waterborne moisture resistant intumescent sealant, for indoor and outdoor fireproofing of service penetrations.

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