Reinforced concrete

Though inherently more resistant than steel, in the presence of fire structural reinforced concrete members will degrade and lose their loadbearing capacity. Collapse will generally occur by failure of the steel reinforcing bars but spalling of concrete may dramatically accelerate the destruction process. To prevent collapse when the existing concrete cover is not enough for the target fire resistance time, a protective material must be applied.  Intumescent coatings are the best possible option in many cases.
Fire tested and approved by major European Approval Bodies for the fire protection of reinforced concrete members according to the European standard EN 13381-3, CHAR 21 is used to achieve fire resistance up to 120 minutes on reinforced concrete and pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures.


CHAR 21 waterborne intumescent paint for fire protection of steel structures, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, masonry and concrete partitioning walls, wood surfaces and in other application fields.

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IDROSOL is a waterborne topcoat optimized and tested with our CHAR 21 and CHAR 22 intumescent coatings.

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PRIMER 3500 is a waterborne primer for deep substrate impregnation of concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry and all porous mineral substrates.

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High-density fireproofing sprayed mortar based on gypsum

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Lightweight fireproofing sprayed mortar based on gypsum

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Lightweight High Performance fireproofing sprayed mortar based on gypsum

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